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Night Time Is The Right Time

01 June - 15 August
Organized by: The Built Environment Trust
26 Store Street

Our day may start when others end. One group goes partying when another community goes to bed. Many work through the night to support the infrastructure that the rest of us rely on in the day. Some get up in time to catch the Far East markets while others work late with their West Coast colleagues. Others have their social media to attend to, all night and all day. The developing cycles and rhythms of day/night make for an ever more complex composition.


Within this are gross inefficiencies and under-used building assets. Vast tracts of cities are ill-used by night. Here lies great opportunity, culturally and economically.


To celebrate and examine the topic, The Built Environment Trust, with the support of the Mayor of London, has mounted the Night Time Is The Right Time  exhibition and event programme to tie in with the London Festival of Architecture.


In this exhibition, view the winners of the Night Time Is The Right Time ideas competition, where entrants were invited to suggest better ways for cities to work as 24-hour places to live. Or explore the accompanying exhibition on key themes and projects that give us insight into the future of night-time in the global city.


Come visit The Building Centre and chill out (working or playing) in soft but supportive seating, designed by Herman Miller for round-the-clock comfort. It’s a timeless zone fit for you to re-imagine the city, whether with a caffeine shot or something more relaxing. Or both.