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V&A - Modern Houses Europe

03 October - 12 December
Organized by: Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road

Explore the most innovative houses of the past 120 years, from the radical Art Nouveau works of Victor Horta and Antoni Gaudi, to modernist masterpieces by Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, and contemporary gems by a selection of provocative younger architects working in Europe today. This course examines the interiors and exteriors of houses that have come to define modern architecture and design.


Individual sessions will consider the history and progress of each project, the planning and materials, roles of the clients, and how they have inhabited the completed buildings. Asking what makes each building so ground-breaking and radical for its time, this course will consider the case for preserving them for posterity.


While domestic architecture since the 1940s has often embodied the spirit of European harmony and the ideal of social democracy, this course will look back at the development of the home since the turn of the twentieth century, taking into account the surges of internationalism, the importance of regional or local variations, and the seemingly inevitable retreats into nationalism.


This 10 week course will have a half term on 24 October.



Course Leader  - Dr Gregory Votolato

Dr. Gregory Votolato is an architect, curator, teacher and writer on design, technology and culture. He is the Course Director for Iconic Houses and Travel in Style, at the Victoria & Albert Museum and tutor in Critical and Historical Studies (Vehicle Design) at the Royal College of Art in London.