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27 July 10:00 - 12:30
Organized by: RIBA London
Lutron European Experience Centre
125 Finsbury Pavement,

For many clients, appointing an architect will be a new experience involving important decisions, high expectations and sometimes, high emotions. Regarding client relationships, what should architects be mindful of when procuring and undertaking projects and are there tools and skills that can be used to ensure good collaboration, communication and trust is at the heart of every project?

Nigel Ostime from Hawkins\Brown and Chair of the RIBA Client Liaison Group will open this 2.5 hour discussion panel with a presentation that uses the findings from the Working With Architects Survey to pin point the services clients value most.

You will learn how to:

Understand what a client wants and engage them in a way that makes them feel like their views are valued and being listened to. Articulate what services you will be providing for your fee and how to be clear about what services you are not providing Ensure the flow of information is smooth and how to best communicate technical information Gain feedback from a client and learning from projects Build trust Establish realistic timescales for responding to queries



Zohra Chiheb from Levitt Bernstein will share her experience of working with a wide range of clients.

John O’Mara from Herzog & de Meuron will discuss with Jo Dunnett, Delivery Director Tate Modern Project, how they worked together on the RIBA London Award winning Tate Switch House.


Core Curriculum topics: 1. External Management 2. Procurement and contracts