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14 September - 26 October
Organized by: The Foundry Gallery and Alex Evans
Venue: , The Foundry Gallery - Exploring relationships between art and architecture.
39 Old Church Street

The Foundry Gallery for the first time will be participating in the 2017 London Design Festival with (IN)VISIBLE SYSTEMS - an exhibition of work by the artist Alex Evans.


Researching theoretical propositions in architecture, urban planning and biosciences, artist Alex Evans has created an evolving series of obsessively hand-drawn original works and prints.  His drawings depict imagined cities as hybrid architectural spaces and delicate emergent forms - where geometric shapes and complex patterns appear to replicate themselves and transform in scale to unsettle conceptions of space and expose new spatial possibilities.


Within (IN)VISIBLE SYSTEMS Evans depicts languages of architecture, geometry and nature as both growing and being destroyed in a state of unsettling flux and transformation.  His work seeks to explore the constant need for cultures to assemble and reassemble the built environment around us through a playful examination of scale, pattern and narrative.  The original drawings on paper and limited edition prints are systems of drawings which have been disrupted, erased and taken apart in a constant dialogue between organic and formal structures.