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Walthamstow Wetlands

01 November - 31 December
Organized by: Walthamstow Wetlands
Venue: , Walthamstow Wetlands
2 Forest Road,
N17 9NH

Walthamstow Wetlands is a fully operational 211 hectare Thames Water reservoir site which is the main source of water supply for 1.5 million people. The area has now been regenerated and is opening to the wider public for the first time in 150 years on Friday 20th October. The site will be openly accessible and free of charge.



The project has only been possible due to the commitment of our partners and generosity of the Heritage Lottery Fund. Walthamstow Wetlands is a public, private and charity partnership between Thames Water, landowner, London Borough of Waltham Forest, grant holder, and London Wildlife Trust, the conservation delivery partner. Of the £10.6m total, £4.47m is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, £1.8m from Thames Water and £1.8m from the London Borough of Waltham Forest. We also received £750k from the Greater London Authority to support the 2km cycle path through the site.



The locally-listed Marine Engine House, including Visitor Centre and Café, has been redesigned and redeveloped with the addition of a unique swift tower to house nesting swifts and roosting bats, whilst the Grade II-listed Coppermill Tower offers a viewing platform to enjoy sweeping views of the capital.

The wildlife conservation and industrial value of Walthamstow Wetlands is truly unique in London and the opening of the site now allows more people to access its natural and architectural heritage. From our friendly staff at the Visitor Centre and Café to our rangers and volunteers, our team based at Walthamstow Wetlands are here to help throughout your time on the site – and we look forward to your visit.