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Walkable London: Upgrading the urban prosperity engine

05 December - 29 January
Organized by: New London Architecture
The Building Centre
26 Store Street

All over the world, we are observing the trend towards pedestrianising whole districts rather than individual streets. In this exhibition, Zaha Hadid Architects proposes “Walkable London”, a full-scale network of pedestrian routes which will create corridors of activation across the capital.


Transforming just a few streets will hardly make a big difference in terms of congestion, pollution, safety, public health, economic benefits and social capital. To make walking part of a daily routine, we need a full pedestrian network as an integral part of the city’s transport infrastructure. 


The UK capital has seen some great examples of pedestrianisation that revitalised the whole districts. Based on our experience of working in 44 countries, Zaha Hadid Architects is presenting a tangible strategy that connects these disparate pedestrianised zones, and making London the number one walking city in the world.