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STREETLIFE works + practice in progress

24 January - 09 February
Organized by: The Bartlett School of Architecture
UCL Faculty of the Built Environment
22 Gordon Street

STREETLIFE opens at 7.45pm on Wednesday 24 January until Friday 9 February, from 10am until 6pm Monday – Saturday.


Four invited architectural practices, Peter Barber Architects, Izaskun Chinchilla Architects, Jan Kattein Architects, and We Made That, present new and ongoing work exploring, addressing and confronting the theme of street life in our new street-side exhibition space at 22 Gordon Street.


The four practices present real and speculative projects that engage communities, activate forgotten or lost spaces, transform neglected streets and highlight ongoing issues. The exhibition is motivated by a desire to stimulate ideas about how streets, the most ubiquitous of spaces, are designed and for whom.