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From the Bus: The M101 from the EV to Harlem

17 June 10:30am - 12:30pm
Organized by: Van Alen Institute
Venue: Astor Place Cube
8th Street and Lafayette
New York, New York

Every set of eyes sees a different city – giving us 8.5 million unique New Yorks to observe. While riding the M101 bus route beginning in the East Village and ending in Harlem, riders will step into new shoes to observe the drastic neighborhood changes along the way. Some will track the shifting sounds, some will look at pedestrians, some will pay attention to the changing facades. At the end, we’ll meet in a Harlem hangout to put our observations together for a new view of the city. Discussion and tour will be led by Garnette Cadogan, a sociologist and author who studies the art and science of walking in the city.