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Store Fronts of the East Village/Lower East Side

22 July 11:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: Manhattan
New York

The traditional storefront in New York City that has prevailed in some cases for over a century is facing several new setbacks. These family-run businesses started out as traditional mom-and-pop stores passed down from generation to generation, and there was a time when they defined our neighborhoods. Many were humble stores tucked away on narrow side streets, while others had become well-known institutions on historic avenues. Each store turned out to be as unique as its customers, run by owners with a commitment to tradition and special service. Not only are these modest small businesses falling away in the face of modernization, gentrification, and conformity, the once unique appearance and character of our colorful streets suffers in the process. A diverse mix of Jewish, Italian, Irish, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese and Hispanic mom-and-pop storefronts will be visited including many culinary specialty stores. Join guides and MAS Summit speakers James and Karla Murray, the photographers and authors of “STORE FRONT: The Disappearing Face of New York,” “Store Front II- A History Preserved,” and “New York Nights,” as they visit some of the remarkable East Village and Lower East Side storefronts documented in their books, and remember those which have disappeared. Unique 19th and 20th century retail graphics and neon signage as well as architectural adornments will be discussed.