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44 Low-resolution Houses

11 September - 09 November
Organized by: Princeton University School of Architecture
Venue: Princeton University School of Architecture

The term Low-resolution precedes Houses in order to make the exhibition-goer think about houses through this double technological and representational-aesthetic lens. All 44 houses exhibited fall into one or more of the following categories of Low-resolution: first, houses that vaguely resemble houses, using familiar house elements, such as pitched roofs, etc.; second, houses that appear to be constructed, in that you can see the construction, joints and the materials, there is a sort of cheap unfinished quality to the work; and third, houses that are composed of basic geometric primitives—squares, circles, triangles—arranged in a non-compositional or abstract manner. By these terms Low-resolution is against high-resolution architectural sophistication, gestural complex curvature, and models of architecture focused on seamlessness....

The exhibition is curated by Michael Meredith and designed by MOS, with graphic design by Studio Lin, fashion design by Slow and Steady Wins the Race. The exhibition team includes Anna Renken, Alex Still, Steve Martinez, Adam Ainslie, Ryan Hughes, and Yujun Mao. Special thanks to SoA Dean Monica Ponce de Leon, Kira McDonald, and the SoA Staff.