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A Visit to St. Nicholas…

09 December 11:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: Manhattan
New York


…the Avenue and its Colorful Surrounds WITH ERIC K. WASHINGTON  

The holiday-sounding St. Nicholas Avenue—a principal commercial strip through the Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill Historic District—has had such other colorful names as Harlem Lane, Breakneck Hill and Kingsbridge Road. The free-spirited old country road offers walkers a marvelous point of departure, and digression, through this architecturally, culturally and historically charged section of upper Manhattan. Columbia Community Scholar Eric K. Washington leads this tour which may include sites associated with Harlem Renaissance-era luminaries; the former “Carmansville” district; the herculean Old Croton Aqueduct system; the James Bailey House; community gardens; the Dance Theatre of Harlem; Sylvan Terrace and much more.