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Stop the Presses - New York's History of Journalism

24 March 11:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: Manhattan
New York

New York has long served as our nation’s media capital. One neighborhood that’s closely associated with the history of the media industry, and of newspapers in particular, is the Civic Center. Many great New York newspapers were once headquartered in the Civic Center and, as the seat of government, it has also provided the setting for a number of the most spectacular scoops in the city’s history. This tour will focus on the close connection between the Civic Center and institutions such as WNYC, the New York World, the New York Times, the New York Herald and New York Sun, and on such larger-than-life figures as James Gordon Bennett Jr., Joseph Pulitzer, Horace Greeley, and Boss Tweed. We will also take stock of this neighborhood’s many distinguished works of architecture, such as the Municipal Building, City Hall and the Tweed Courthouse.