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Javier Bosques — Extensión Familiar

01 June - 07 September
Venue: Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare St
New York, NY

Extensión Familiar, by Javier Bosques, is a series of model-scale ceramic houses, drawn from memory and made in collaboration with the artist’s mother, Elba Meléndez. The edition pays homage to single-family housing with unfinished construction, a  common sight in the Puerto Rican landscape. Typically built upon over time due to constrained resources, the cinder blocks stacked over the roof signal aspirations to expand and grow. This construction process goes very slowly, as if permanently on pause, leaving each house as a humble facade of hope.


The edition continues the artist’s exploration of architectural demarcations and their social role within a larger context. This project is expanded upon through Bosques’s collaboration with his mother, who took on ceramics after her son moved to the United States as a student. Meléndez constructed and painted each house with a unique design, created in a manner that reflects the improvisational building techniques of the island. Extensión Familiar revisits and concludes the housing series that Bosques initiated in 2009.