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Protocinema's Summer Screening Tour: Of Our Own Making

11 July 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Organized by: SculptureCenter
Venue: SculptureCenter
44–19 Purves Street
Long Island City, NY

Protocinema presents Of Our Own Making, a series of single channel videos by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Hera Büyüktasciyan, Vajiko Chachkhiani, Lara Ögel, Ahmet Ögüt, Hale Tenger, and Theo Triantafyllidis. Projected in SculptureCenter’s outdoor courtyard, just after sunset on Thursday, July 11, the works of these artists reflect voices and concerns of their regions as well as offering empathy towards shared universal experiences.


Of Our Own Making highlights themes of constraints of constructed urban life and psychological impacts of societal developments - ancient, historical and forthcoming - from multiple perspectives. Hera Büyüktasciyan, Vajiko Chachkhiani, Lara Ögel, and Hale Tenger use folktales, history and storytelling in contemporary narratives to address aspects of societies that may have changed yet remain the same in a different guise. Theo Triantafyllidis’ video is a recording of a VR (Virtual Reality) live performance, which carries ideas of how images and ideas had been created in the past, while fully in the future-present. Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme and Ahmet Ö?üt work with specific individuals and recent events to speak out against policies in place by governing bodies that are unequivocally unjust. Specifically, Abbas and Abou-Rahme have created avatars based on themselves and participants of the “March of Return” that took place on the Gaza border, while Ahmet Ö?üt works with policemen in Mexico who have been denied safety and healthcare.


The program is co-organized by Protocinema’s Executive Director, Mari Spirito, in collaboration with Asli Seven, independent curator and researcher based in Istanbul and Paris. Featured artists have received or are currently working on future Site-aware commissions, Protocinema’s international program. These artists share a dynamic affinity and are committed to raising consciousness on a range of issues, often using personal narratives to interrogate socio-political and racial constructs.