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Hou de Sousa, Prismatic

25 May - 31 October
Organized by: Art Omi
Venue: Art Omi, Architecture Field 02
1405 County Route 22
Ghent, New York

Prismatic is a kaleidoscopic experience of light, color, and space framed by a myriad of perspectives. Unique on all sides, the piece encourages the public to explore its exterior, as well as meander through its translucent corridors. Iridescent rope weaves between a lattice of rebar, while the gaps between these cords provides transparency and results in a dynamic visual effect known as a moiré. As visitors turn their gaze or walk about the space, patterns in the background and foreground continuously converge and delaminate, warping visual perception and causing static surfaces to appear in flux.


Prismatic was designed and shaped through a process of competing forces. Prisms burst from a center point but are bound to the confines of a box. Further fractured into nine unique parcels and pushed apart, the tension between polar agendas is at once alleviated and re-compartmentalized.