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Brian Tolle, Eureka

25 May - 31 October
Organized by: Art Omi
Venue: Art Omi, Sculpture & Architecture Park
1405 County Route 22
Ghent, New York

Brian Tolle’s sculptures and installations emphasize a formal and iconographic dialog with history and context. Using a variety of media, his work draws from the scale and experience of its surroundings, provoking a re-reading by cross-wiring reality and fiction. Eureka (2000) is a 40’ trompe l’oeil tower resembling the facade of a slender Dutch canal house. The sculpture does not recreate the façade of a canal house itself—rather it is the rippled reflection in the flowing waterway. While installed at Art Omi, Eureka will be at once in Ghent and New York, the location in keeping with Tolle’s playful crossfade of history and fantasy.