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Building Beyond Place

19 September - 17 October
Organized by: Reiser + Umemoto | RUR Architecture
Venue: E.Tay Gallery, TAAC Tribeca
39 White Street
New York

Opening Reception:

Thursday, September 19



Building Beyond Place: RUR Engages Taiwan’s Architectural Cosmopolitanism, presents three projects by New York based Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture, each embodying a unique urban condition and providing a vital model for a post-industrial Taiwan. In Alishan Mountain, a former logging railway, spanning 86 kilometers and rising through three climactic zones, is harnessed environmentally as an intermodal corridor of tourist infrastructure and landmarks, supplying a series of specialty restaurants and a microeconomy of taste tourism. In Kaohsiung, a port terminal and tower, scheduled for completion in 2020, utilizes a three-dimensional urban strategy to hold industrial, service, and public functions in close yet discrete proximity along the city’s waterfront. In Taipei, the Taipei Music Center, scheduled for completion in 2020, grants the Taiwanese music industry a new urban precinct while enmeshing itself within its immediate urban and natural surroundings.