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Alan Organschi: Building a global carbon sink

26 November 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Scholastic's Big Red Auditorium
130 Mercer Street
New York

Carbon accretes over geological epochs deep in lithospheric strata and, at notably faster rates, accumulates across continental forests. These deposits of global carbon form the ore and the fiber of building construction. The building sector has been estimated recently to account for well over half of the world’s extraction and consumption of carbon-based material and hydrocarbon energy. As world population growth accelerates, and as those burgeoning populations continue to urbanize, the building sector’s demand for raw material and energy for new construction will only grow.

Organschi will discuss an alternative approach to meeting this demand: the broad substitution of emerging mass timber and bio-based building assemblies in the construction of new cityscapes.


Alan Organschi is a principal at Gray Organschi Architecture, an architectural practice in New Haven, Connecticut, recognized internationally for its integration of design, construction, and environmental research.