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Anna Dyson: The resiliency of architecture

03 December 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Scholastic's Big Red Auditorium
130 Mercer Street
New York

Human ecosystems become resilient as the codependency between functions becomes entrenched. The built environment process is an extremely complex assembly of different stakeholders, with an ever-increasing pressure from budgetary and time constraints, which works against true integrative transformation of building practices across scales. The necessity for architecture to join other disciplines in evolving a robust research network has never been more apparent. Yet a substantial architectural research discipline will be qualitatively different from that of other fields, as it focuses on integration across, rather than advances within, specialized silos, which makes it absolutely essential and core to our collective task of understanding and shifting ecosystemic behaviors. 


Anna Dyson is the Hines Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture and Professor of Forestry & Environmental Studies at Yale University.