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Storybook Castles

23 July 11:00am - 11:45am
Organized by: ArchForKids & NY Public Library
Venue: New York Public Library, Virtual Program
New York NY

Magnificent castles appear in many fairy tales. They housed royal families, knights, domestic helpers and others. They were designed as defensive structures to keep invaders out and occupants safe. During this workshop, you'll learn about the evolution and architecture of these fascinating structures. Then build your own model castle! Recommended for ages 5 and up.


Materials needed: a box for the castle – a shoe-box or small mailing box, a smaller box for the castle keep, cardboard base with a footprint larger than the castle box, tape, glue stick or Elmer’s glue, scissors, construction paper, 4 paper towel tubes (or paper rolled into tall tubes), pipe cleaners, yarn or twine for the drawbridge plus optional supplies to embellish your castle