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Opening of Usagi NY designed by Sou Fujimoto in DUMBO

31 July 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Organized by: Usagi NY
Venue: Usagi NY
163 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn
New York

Usagi NY is pleased to announce the opening of new 2,800 sq ft concept store designed by Sou Fujimoto in DUMBO Brooklyn, houses a gallery, cafe, and library. Offering a marketplace for creators, the shop opens its doors to creative practitioners working in the different fields, presenting the work and process of emerging, influential creative thinkers and specialists such as artists, designers, architects, engineers, artisans, writers, musicians and more. 


Usagi NY will open on July 31 at 6pm with opening reception of the exhibition "Infinitive White".


---------About the exhibition---------

Dates: July 31– September 8, 2015

Opening hours: 11am − 7pm (August 2 – September 8)

Venue: Usagi NY 163 Plymouth Street, NY 11201, USA


Usagi NY is delighted to present our first exhibition, Infinite White? Mugen no Shiro). In his book “Shiro (White)”, Japanese designer Kenya Hara regards “white” not only as simply a color, but also as whiteness of paper, which is a trigger that inspires creativity, and emptiness as physical and mental space that pulls out the force of communication. Inspired by his unique concept of white, which has been developed alongside Japanese aesthetics and sensitivity,?the exhibition explores the unknown possibilities of the perception of white with various media and techniques, which includes paintings, drawings, photography, architecture, sculpture, virtual reality image with Oculus Rift, and mixed media such as books and clothing.



Derek Brahney

 Sou Fujimoto

Party NY

Andy Spade

Richard Vivenzio


--------Opening Reception---------

An opening reception is scheduled for July 31, 6pm – 9pm at Usagi NY. A local chalk artist, Amy Tidwell will perform a live painting in the cafe space. Moreover participating creators and artists, we invite a guest ballista Hiroki Kobayashi from 95 RPM Coffee Roasters and a chocolate artist Kanami from Kanami Chocolate. The opening event is made possible by the generous support by by Wismettac Asian Foods, Inc. and Asahi Beer USA.