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Art Deco on the Upper-Upper West Side (that's not a typo!)

06 August 10:30am - 12:30pm
Venue: Upper West Side, Manhattan
New York

Join Anthony W. Robins for this meandering walk across tracts of the upper Upper West Side, from the West 80s to 103rd Street, Broadway to Riverside Drive. We see work by such stalwart Manhattan Deco icons as Sugarman and Berger, Boak and Paris, and Harvey Wiley Corbett, as well as architects less well known for their Deco productions, including Emery Roth and Rosario Candela. Highlights include Roth's Normandy Apartments and Corbett's Master Apartments; the Broadway Fashion Building - four-stories of commercial space in a Moderne glass box; Joan of Arc Junior High School; Boak and Paris's Midtown (now Metro) Theater; and one of Manhattan's last surviving Horn and Hardart automat buildings, with splendid Art Deco terra-cotta. If you've taken our tour of Art Deco on Central Park West, and wondered what else might be out there closer to the Hudson, this is your chance to find out. Cost: $30 / $20 Members