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From "Old" Elmhurst to "New" Jackson Heights

30 September 11:00am - 1:00pm
Venue: Queens
New York

From its inception in 1652 as a suburb of New Amsterdam, Elmhurst has been a microcosm of Queens, exemplifying its independent spirit and struggle to be recognized on its own merits. Join 30-year Queens resident, popular Jane's Walk host, and Grand Central docent Linda Fisher on this tour that will will trace the development of Elmhurst from its participation in the Flushing Remonstrance in 1657 to its current renown as the most ethnically diverse area on the planet. We will decode the Queens street grid, follow the trail of railroads, trolleys and buses and see the only subway station on the National Register of Historic Places. We will poke into a Greek pizza parlor with an Indian name, a C.B.J. Snyder Flemish Renaissance high school and learn the story of Mary Sendak, the legendary holdout of Queens Boulevard. From the hodgepodge streets of Elmhurst we will continue into the garden community of Jackson Heights and explore the historic district created by Eddie MacDougall and the Queensboro Corporation. The tour will end in Little India, amid the samosa and sari shops, near all transit, just in time for lunch. Cost: $30 / $20 Members