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Floating Ideas (and how to make them stick), screening+roundtable

07 September 6:30pm - 8:15pm
Organized by: +POOL
Venue: Architizer HQ
1 Whitehall Street
10th floor
New York


Floating an Idea: The + POOL Story is a film that shares the story of four dreamers who want to build a floating swimming pool in the river.  It’s light-hearted, fun and presents a quick overview of the process to date. It also illustrates how we create our city collectively, through negotiation, activism, and problem-solving.


In the roundtable following the screening, the designers of + POOL will be joined by other young visionaries who’ve created their own public projects. What challenges have they shared? How do they hope to spark new interactions with our city? We’ll talk about how development processes are evolving towards inclusivity, tools that help make it possible, and constraints that continue to be a challenge in an expensive, heavily-zoned city.


Drinks and a light snack will accompany this FREE! event.