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Housing Brass Tacks: Community Land Trusts

27 November 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: The Architectural League of New York
594 Broadway, Suite 607
New York

Real estate speculation, rapidly rising costs, homelessness, expiring subsidies, predatory landlords, foreclosures, gifting public land to private developers—community land trusts (CLTs) seek to address all of these housing issues. By separating ownership of land from the buildings on top of it and managing both through non-profit organizations, CLTs keep housing affordable in perpetuity and offer local control.


Most of the 200 CLTs in the U.S. today are in suburban contexts, but there’s a groundswell of interest in increasing their presence in cities and with multifamily housing. New York City currently has one active CLT—Cooper Square—but many new organizations have formed in recent years, and the city signaled support by allocating funds to bolster CLTs earlier this year. For our 14th Brass Tacks discussion, Mychal Johnson and Monxo López of the Mott Haven-Port Morris Community Land Stewards will detail the structure and advantages of this shared-equity model and their work to establish a CLT in the Bronx.


About Housing Brass Tacks

Understanding housing policy, finance, and regulation is daunting. One must wade through a sea of acronyms, untangle public and private interests, trace knotty financial flows, and decrypt complex bureaucracies. Making heads or tails of all this can take a lifetime, but the need to understand is urgent. We all feel New York City’s housing squeeze; increased affordable housing is a centerpiece of our mayor’s agenda; and sweeping changes in housing and community development policy may soon come at the federal level. The Architectural League is here to introduce (or refresh) our housing proficiency. Housing Brass Tacks is an informal discussion series designed as a primer on big ideas and essential mechanics in housing policy and development. We’re getting down to brass tacks: the fundamentals that structure this unwieldy topic.

Housing Brass Tacks are held biweekly on Monday evenings. More topics and discussion dates to be announced soon. Learn more about the series.